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If you run a business or help people run their businesses, the challenge is the same. Attract and recruit the right people, get them on board, and retain them, as well as providing a leadership that enable people to be productive, innovative, and healthy.

So how do organizations handle this challenge in a new world with a workforce that differs in values and wants compared to previous generations? Today, business needs to be more and more about creating positive change for both individuals and the world. It is not enough to only think about oneself and one's team, but it is also not enough to disregard oneself and only strive towards a higher purpose. 

Only organizations that take what I call a Whole-System Approach to business will survive and thrive in this everchanging landscape. These organizations enable constant individual growth, use what I call Full-Spectrum Communication, and grow their organization in an integrated way through Whole-System Management. 

A Whole-System Approach to business 


Highly-productive people by Constant Individual Growth.

Highly-performing teams by Full-Spectrum Communication


High-impact organizations by Whole-System Managment

The way to manage challenges

We stand to face the challenges of the 21:st century and beyond. They need the best from us as individuals and as organizations. We now need to use our full potential as individuals, teams, and organizations as we meet these challenges. The better the systems, the higher our chance of succeeding.

My task is to help build these systems for all brave enough to change the game. I consult business leaders and consulting firms that want to use a Whole-System Approach to build integrative systems enabeling triple-bottom-line results. Read more.  

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I consult on different levels and with very different people, with social entrepreneurs about how to maintain motivation, with young people about surviving and thriving, with business leaders about how to grow business and people concurrently.

I always orient from a Whole-System Perspective, taking all parts into account. 

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The training I do is all based on the Whole-System Approach. Specifically, I train people to better work with children, as well as more sufficiently run their organizations and teams.

The Kids & Youth courses take place in collaboration with

The Organisation and Leadership programs take place in collaboration with Petrina & Partners.

My talks focus on my two areas of expertise: leadership and organizational development, and child and youth development and growth from a Whole-System Approach.

Example talks: 

"Leading in the unknown: how to transform organizations, teams, and People in the modern world"

"Leading Generation Z: becoming leaderships heroes of Care, Structure, and Purpose". 

Please contact me for bookings.

I have given over 300 workshops and lectures at companies, schools, and municipalities globally.

I have nearly two decades behind me as a leader, I use Whole-System Thinking to enhance personal growth, business development, and child and youth well-being. 

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