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The Fire in Your Heart

Many of us that work with children and youth and are passionate about doing so has self-perceived experiences of injustice and a strong drive to create change. For some of us, it is a journey from shame to pride. From being ashamed of who we are and the things we cannot change in ourselves, to the pride of being who we are and surviving a challenging journey.

In this endeavor, we meet each other and join forces to create the greater good. An overemphasis on others and an underemphasis on oneself, however, slowly extinguish the fire inside. It creates irritation and separation.

The solution is to help others first by assisting oneself. To be a living role model, one step at the time. To integrate self-appreciation, acceptance of others in the very process of changing the world.

I coach and train professionals that meet and work with children and youths together with my partners and associates. Our courses are based on a Whole-System Approach and integrate psychological, cultural, behavioral and structural elements of growth and positive change. 

To know more about the courses and training please go to Training for child and youth workers page.

More information on courses in Sweden can be found here.  

Please contact me for training outside of Sweden.

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I have given over 300 workshops and lectures at companies, schools, and municipalities globally.

I have nearly two decades behind me as a leader, I use Whole-System Thinking to enhance personal growth, business development, and child and youth well-being. 

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