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I have done more than 300 talks and workshops and spoken from large companies like Procter & Gamble, and JP Morgan to schoolchildren in Asia and Sweden,  for the UNSave the Children Alliance och at events like Tyl√∂sandsveckan, Socionomdagarna, AlmedalenNordic Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect, the World Child and Youth Forum at the Royal Castle in Stockholms, and for more than 40 municipalities around Sweden.

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Below is a list of upcoming training and courses.

Business and leadership trainings

Intensive Course Leadership

Two days of internship focusing on your leadership

The training will help you strengthen your ability and confidence as a leader through increased self-awareness and understanding of how to effectively lead teams and employees. You will gain essential insight into how you influence and how other people influence you, conflicts management tools, and methods for useful feedback.

We touch on the connection between the group dynamics that prevail in a team, and the link to leadership, how you can develop both individuals and groups through a custom leadership. We learn practical tools and use experience-based exercises together with short theory blocks.

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Integral Leadership

Develop your management and leadership skills through our popular Integral Leadership Development Program.

Long-term successful organizations are created by strategically and systematically supporting and facilitating individual employees' development of good self-esteem. Integral Leadership comprises three modules with a total of ten days and links individual development, company culture, systems, and organizational goals.

The Integral Leadership Development Program is powered by, among other things, The Human Element - which focuses on the human ability to increase the efficiency and motivation of individuals, groups, and organizations - all to create the Good Organization.

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Training for child and youth workers

Certified Discussion Group Leader

How we make young brains work together - The art of leading young people in groups

Learn how to lead young people in groups through the multiple award-winning methods of "DIN BROR". Interventions that work based on the technique have, among other things, won prizes such as "Damage Prevention of the Year" and "Integration Initiative of the Year."

Evaluations of the method show that young people who have undergone the emotion program increase their SOC (sense of coherence) score, which means that the participants have an increased ability to handle challenges and stresses and increased conditions for better health. Other evaluations of the emotion program in schools also show that the safety of the youth who participated in the program increased by 47%. At the same time, the use of violence and absenteeism decreased by 45% and 69% respectively after just one term.
The emotion training program is used today by schools and leisure centers around Sweden as part of the improvement work to increase the psychosocial health of young people and to create "teaching" groups in the school.

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Certified Emotion Coach for Boys 

This unique one-year training gives you the theory, tools, and structure to become a Certified Emotion Coach for Boys. 

Develop practical thinking, complex, and focused thinking skills. Get solid training to help build up boys thinking and emotional skills and make deliberate and healthy decisions.

Module 1. Basic training: How to meet boys

Effective thinking

Complex thinking

Focused thinking  


Module 2. Leadership training: How to influence boys

Teach relationship skills

Teach emotion regulation

Teach mindfulness

Module 3. Manual-based training: How to train boys

Learn the Your Brother/Your Sister manual-based program 

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I have given over 300 workshops and lectures at companies, schools, and municipalities globally.

I have nearly two decades behind me as a leader, I use Whole-System Thinking to enhance personal growth, business development, and child and youth well-being. 

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