Professional background

Professional background

I have studied integral psychology and practice at JFK University and holds a bachelor's degree in International Relations and Psychology and an MSc in International Relations and Asian Politics from the University of Queensland. I have previously studied positive psychology, sports-, and exercise psychology, and now I study a Master of Science in Emotion Psychology to deepen my knowledge of emotion and neuroscience.

I have been a leader, advisor, and coach professionally for over 18 years. As an advisor, I have managed and trained executives at small and large companies. In parallel, I have coached and counseled children and families in vulnerable situations at the Save the Children Crisis Center and the Swedish organization Maskrosbarns (Dandelion) Camp for children of mentally ill and abusive parents. I have also supervised staff at HVB for children and young people in emotion-focused attitudes. I additionally have been Head of Operations at the Fryshuset in Stockholm.

As CEO of my organization, Brothers and Sisters, I supervised young adults and carried out efforts in the form of conversation groups focusing on neuroscience and emotional training for young people in vulnerable areas. I was also a member of the Swedish support force created after the 2004 tsunami disaster.

Together with Driton Rama, I have developed several award-winning preventative methods for boys at risk and produced reports and management tools for organizations and schools across Sweden. As of today, I have led over 40 term-long conversation groups with a focus on neuroscience and emotional training for boys in their teens and conducted more than 300 talks and workshops. I worked for many years with actors such as the JP Morgan Chase Foundation, Childhood Foundation, Include, Save the Children, and the UN as well as companies, municipalities, and authorities.

I have given over 300 workshops and lectures at companies, schools, and municipalities globally.

I have nearly two decades behind me as a leader, I use Whole-System Thinking to enhance personal growth, business development, and child and youth well-being. 

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