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      • In 2007 I began to study the Big Mind method developed by Zenmaster Genpo Roshi, and it changed my life and gave me invaluable insights, and a strong drive to share it with others.


      • Today I study neuroscience and I have combined to the art of Big Mind with the science of the brain, to what I call Emotional Granularity In Practice.  

If you are interested in having a private or group session through Zoom with me, please click here to learn more and submit a request.

Private sessions

Emotional Granularity in Practice 

Talking through and to our different feelings make us come into contact with more sides of ourselves. It also helps us release stagnant and stuck emotional tension in the body, and provides positive and dialectic self-talk that put words to our inner experiences about current and often emotionally loaded events.

In that sense, Emotional Granularity in Practice helps us make more sense of ourselves, others, and the world around us.

Private sessions enable you to go deep into a myriad of voices and take numerous perspective of yourself and your life situations. 

60 min private sessions through Zoom: 120 USD 

90 min private sessions through Zoom. 180 USD

For more information please make a request 

Group sessions

Emotional Granularity in Practice 

The Big Mind process is traditionally a group process. The many perspectives that arise from the group help us to gain insights we may not otherwise have gained. 

In the group sessions, the group or Sangha join forces to explore new perspectives by using the Big Mind and Voice Dialogue methods.  

Group sessions are scheduled on demand.  

60 min group sessions through Zoom: 20 USD 

90 min private sessions through Zoom. 30 USD

For more information please make a request 

I have given over 300 workshops and lectures at companies, schools, and municipalities globally.

I have nearly two decades behind me as a leader, I use Whole-System Thinking to enhance personal growth, business development, and child and youth well-being. 

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